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The Truth About Tantra


A lot of misinterpretation especially in the West has presented tantra to mean uninhibited sex. Sadhguru clarifies what tantra really is and what it is not.


meditation-thangka-tantraUnfortunately, in western countries, tantra is being presented in such a way that it is supposed to mean uninhibited sex. It has been so badly misinterpreted. This is because books on tantra have been written by people who just want to sell books. They are not tantrics in any way. The word “tantra” literally means a technique or a technology. This is an inner technology. These are subjective methods not objective methods. But in the current understanding in society, the word tantra refers to very unorthodox or socially unacceptable methods. It is just that certain aspects are used in a certain way. It is not any different from yoga. It is just a small limb of yoga called tantra yoga.

People thinking in terms of “I have sexual needs so I will follow the tantric path,” is nonsense. In tantra, it is not that someone is using just sexuality to grow. They are using every aspect to grow. Unfortunately, there may be people who are attracted to such a path for the wrong reasons. They go because they want a spiritual sanction for their sexuality. Why do you want to bullshit yourself about spirituality? Handle your biology as biology, you do not have to give it other names.

The simple principle of tantra yoga is: whatever can take you down can also take you up. The ways in which a man usually sinks in his life are through food, alcoholic drink and sexuality. Tantra yoga uses the same three vehicles to rise up. But once people start using certain substances, they must be in a certain state, otherwise it just becomes addiction. This needs extreme discipline, a kind of discipline which is not possible for most people to even attempt. When people walk this kind of path, if a 100 people take it up, 99 will end up only as drunkards.

However, this is what is known as left-hand tantra which is cruder technology; it involves various rituals. There is also right-hand tantra which is very refined technology. These two are completely different in nature. Right-hand tantra is more internal and energy-wise, it is all about you. It does not involve any ritual or outside act as such. Is it tantra? In a way it is, but the word yoga includes all of them together. When we say yoga we are not excluding any possibility – everything is there in it. It is just that a few perverted people saw a certain type of tantra which is purely left-hand tantra where there is certain usage of the body. They just took that part, magnified it and wrote books about it with all kinds of weird sex and they said, “This is tantra.” No, it is not tantra.

Tantra means you are able to use your energies to make things happen. If you can make your mind razor sharp to cut through everything, this is also one kind of tantra. If you make your energies work upon your heart to become utterly loving and you can burst forth with enormous love that just overwhelms everyone, this is also tantra. If you make your physical body enormously powerful to make it do incredible feats, this is also tantra. Or if you can make your energies do things by itself without employing the body,  mind or emotion, this is also tantra.

So tantra is not some weird nonsense. Tantra is a certain capability. Without it there is no possibility. The question is “How refined is your tantra?” If you want to make your energies move, do you have to do 10,000 rituals or can you just sit here and do it. That is the big difference. Low technology or high technology is the question, but without tantra, there is no spiritual process.

– Sadhguru

With love,


The Akasic Records – RENUNCIATION


These are the Akashic Records by Kalabhairava and Mahadeva (Paramahamsa Nithyananda as a channel)

Akashic Records are the mystical energy records of all the events that have ever happened, are happening and will happen in the cosmos. But the key to decode them correctly is in the hands of a very few enlightened beings. Now, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is opening up this infinite cosmic library  for the benefit of Humanity. This process is known as Akashic Readings.

Description of the ‘Akashic records’ by Paramahamsa Nithyananda:

“Akashik reading is as I am sitting, I am reading it out, nobody is involved, just independent intelligence of consciousness. The source gives its expectations. It is your life, how life should be, what for he creates, what for he maintains and what for he rejuvenates and refreshes. In this nobody is involved other than the superior source. Please understand this is un-editable, altered or manipulated. This is the command I give for Nithyananda sangha for ever. These are original records available free to world. Nobody has right to interpret, comment these readings. For anybody playing in tune with ‘Jeevan Mukthi’ does not need any other practice other than reading this again and again. These great truths penetrate your inner space. I know the power of happening, just now it is happening. Shiva is so compassionate and graceful and is opening the book of heart to whole world. He keeps the book of heart secret to his heart.

‘Rishi’ means a person who sees Mantra – Mantra means – it shows a path to people and liberate people to Enlightenment – Highest Consciousness. This will go on for at least 108 days – it will form basis for Nithyananda sangha, ever thin will evolve from 108 Akashik Readings. Reading as exactly cosmos wants to present to all of you. There will not be slightest interference, comments into these readings. The source will open itself to whole world. Nithyananda should never be claimed as author of this reading. Nithyananda is only a channel. Let this be clearly told to the world. These words are pure spiritual secrets – Book of Heart of Cosmos, very source of cosmic archives.”

10. October 2012


Today Kala Bhairava will read the Akashik Reading, the files related to Renunciation.

Renunciation is nothing but the rejuvenation of the self continuously by dropping the different identities you create for a certain purpose but unfortunately associate with it feel one with it.

Renunciation is of different levels:

1. Renouncing the external wealth which you decide to possess and identify yourself with it.

2. Renouncing the name and fame with which you identify yourself and possess and feel as one with.

3. Renouncing people with which you identify yourself and possess with.

4. Renouncing the identities which you possess and identify yourself and feel one with.

Among these renunciations renouncing the identities is the ultimate renunciation. Renunciation is the most intelligent thing a living being can do because renunciation continuously  rejuvenates and creates a possibility for higher expressions in your being. When the highest expression happens, you cross the border of renunciation. Renunciation itself becomes your very being, when your very core becomes renunciation the constant purification, the continuous intelligence shining becomes your life .

Constantly renouncing thoughts is Unclutching.

Living renunciation as life style is Living Enlightenment.

Ajapajapa is a powerful way of  renouncing the words and thoughts continuously happening in you.

Feeling connection is the powerful method to renounce all the emotions which are not necessary happening in you.

Unclutching is the ultimate renunciation. Renouncing all the identities which are unnecessary  happening in you .

Renunciation is the ultimate purification process to live enlightenment.

Q & A

Q: Why should one become neutral to physical needs?
A: The why does not have answer. When the spiritual evolution happens, when the spiritual powers are unfolding through your body becoming neutral to physical needs just happens. As a flow of life this expresses naturally in you.
Q: Is is not the very creation of Male & Female & Senses are also the gift of existence?
A: Existence provides everything including poisons. It is up to you to use what you want and live the way you want based on the goal you want to reach and the purpose you feel as your life’s mission.
Q: When savoring the gift of existence can’t we achieve the same height coherence that we can achieve through renunciation?
A: Whether you savor or renounce, in the end only when the identities are renounced highest is achieved. Even what you call as savoring, in the end only when you are able to renounce the identity the base, ultimate is achieved. Whatever you understand as savoring will not lead you to the ultimate and whatever you understand as savoring will not lead you to achieve the ultimate truth. Whether you live with it or leave it identity needs to be dropped. Only when you renounce the identity ultimate is achieved. If you can Renounce the identities even if those things are around you, you will achieve the ultimate. If you can’t renounce the identity even if you physically move away from those things you may not be able to achieve the ultimate. Finally everything boils down to renouncing the identities.
Q: What is the true meaning of Renunciation in the path of Sanyas?
A: Renouncing all the outer world objects which you feel as your possession become one with it out of your delusion. Renouncing all the people, Renouncing all the places, Renouncing all the pleasures, Renouncing all the thoughts, Renouncing all the thoughts Renouncing all the identities – Renunciation in its complete pure form is Sanyas. The Sanyas, even the training of the Sanyas done by an incarnation constantly reminds you into the Renunciation and puts you in Renunciation.
Q: How are freedom and Renunciation related?
A: Renunciation is Freedom. Freedom means Renunciation.
Q: How do I know whether my bio-memory is ready for Renunciation?
A: All bio-memories by nature programed for renunciation. It is your mind which goes against the renunciation, creates more and more troubles and identities misconceptions. If you allow your bio-memory to function in a free natural way you will not over eat, you will not over see, you will not over enjoy, you will not indulge in anything, as natural flow you will Renounce. Renunciation is way of life, flow of life as per cosmic law.
Q: Does it necessarily involve spiritual celibacy?
A: Celibacy means just keeping yourself physically, mentally, emotionally away from lust. The Renunciation in the ultimate sense is keeping yourself away from identities. If lust is going to awaken certain strong identities in you, keeping away from that identity is Renunciation. If keeping away from the lust physically, mentally, emotionally helps you to be away from the identity then that path can be used as a method to renounce the identity. But ultimate is renouncing the identity.
If you think by keeping yourself physically away, the identity is not disappearing, it is only becoming more and more strong getting strengthened then going through the lust and transforming it into love, the pattern out of which you can easily unclutch and renounce and evolve and be free, can be evolved. It is like diluting the strength of the patterns. Lust is too strong pattern, if you can go into it and go through, with awareness the pattern gets diluted, the influence of that pattern over you, gets reduced then it flowers into love then that pattern by nature is very simple, does not have too much power over you, you can easily move to the next level patternless renunciation full blown Being – fully flowered enlightened Being.
Q: What is a spiritual couple?
A: There is no such thing as spiritual couple in cosmic law. Spiritual means all alone by yourself. Two spiritual Beings does not make spiritual couple. They only make two spiritual Beings.
Q: Which one is it true and real renunciation? Mental level, physical or material level?
A: If you are established in the material level, if your mind identify itself constantly in material level, material level renunciation should also be practiced. If you are established only in mental level, mental level renunciation is enough. But mental level renunciation is necessary for everyone. Material level renunciation can be decided based on the level in which you are established.

13. October 2012


Today Mahakala will answer  all  questions related to Renunciation:

Q: Please give us the best way to renounce the breath of human body so we may transcend ego and release all attachment to mind and body?

A: Exhaling is renunciation of the breath you inhale. Inhaling is the renunciation of death you are retaining in your body. When you are in the centre, neutral space between inhaling and exhaling you renounce both life  and death, rest in enlightenment. Inhaling is life. Exhaling is death. Being in the neutral space, centre of the inhaling and exhaling is enlightenment, Samadhi space. Try continuously to be in the neutral space that is the way you become enlightened. That’s the way you will radiate enlightenment. That’s the best way to renounce breathing and all the movements of life and death related to breathing.

Q: How can or should a house holder practice renunciation? What all can he/she do/avoid?

A: As per the cosmic law there is no House holder or Sanyasi. Cosmic law only knows one thing, human beings evolving and different levels. Whether it is a house holder or a grahastha or a sanyasi or a celibate or vanaprasthi, whatever… renunciation makes you live highest frequency. Renunciation out of fear is not renunciation. Renunciation of material objects should lead to renunciation of mental patterns and mental patterns it should lead to finally to renunciation of the identity. So let the renunciation be the lifestyle for every human being at every level.

As Kala bhairava already read from the akashic records the different levels of renunciation :

Renunciation of the idea of possession.

Renunciation of the patterns.

Renunciation of the certain ways you respond.

Renunciation of identity itself.

Q: What are the differences between sacrifice and Renunciation ?

A: Renunciation is way of life where you are continuously growing. When you grow from the birth you reach middle age. When you grow form middle age you reach old age. When you reach beyond the old age you reach death. When you reach beyond death you go for next birth. The flow of the life in its natural form is Renunciation.

Sacrifice is something like you give up for a specific purpose, particular reason. So Renunciation is your lifestyle. Sacrifice is the decisions you make once in a while.

Q: What is the best form of Renunciation?

A: Renouncing the identities.

Q: Do the strict austerity, abstinence and ascetic practices remove karmic samskaras of past and present lifetimes?

A: Yes. Austerities, ascetic practices specifically prescribed to you by your Master helps you to get out of patterns and makes you to achieve the ultimate.

Q: How do I know what is Divine will, what Divine wants me to do?

A: Your intuition strongly hits at you, strongly raises you, strongly radiates through you from every incidents of your life. Continuously wait for the lesson from every incident happening in your life. Every incident is a lesson brought to you by Divine. If you have time to listen, Kala Bhairava – Me continuously talk to you. If you take time to call me I take time to answer you.

Q: How do I renounce my thoughts and WILL and be constantly aligned with the Divine, please guide?

A: Thought, WILL all are just different words. WILL is nothing but bunch of thoughts. Thought is nothing but loosened WILL. Realize this truth. Thought and WILL are not separate things, both will be aligned. WILL and thoughts are different smells from your identity. When your identity is little frozen the smell is called WILL. When it is liquid the smell is called thought. But both are just flavours of your identity. If the smell is little strong it is called WILL. If it is little loose it is called thought.

Q: Is it right to renounce the family members like Father, Mother, husband, wife and children.. for the sake of our own spiritual practices?

A: As per the cosmic law no husband, no father, no mother, no wife, no children exists. Everybody gives birth as the flow of their life. The very idea even the mother and father is created by you, human beings. It is neither attested, accepted in the cosmic law. Spiritual practice is the first priority for any human being. Spiritual enlightenment is the first truth for any human being. Evolving in the right direction with the right spiritual guidance is the first priority in your life. Let that not be sacrificed for anything. Same way do not use spirituality to escape from your social responsibilities. If it is honest spiritual seeking, spiritual practice nothing nothing should come in the way. Anything comes in the way can be sacrificed.

Q: If they are so dependent on us for their survival what is the solution for us to jump into the spiritual journey?

A: No life can be dependent on others. Each life is their individual life. Each Being comes to planet earth on its own. Neither you can save nor you can fulfill them. Never you can make them feel secured. You human Beings first need to save yourself. All other things are just pseudo sentiments, just inability, being justified in the name of responsibility. Kala Bhairava makes it very clear in the cosmic law, only individuals exists. Let all the individuals travel through the highest possible existence, enlightenment.

Q: Is not Renunciation a mental state?

A: Yes, it is a mental state. If you are established in that mental state, if physical is also renounced great. If not it is ok. Physical Renunciation does not matter if you are established in mental Renunciation. But do not cheat yourself saying you are established in the mental state and have continuously physical objects around you. Establishing yourself in the mental state in the initial level needs physical Renunciation also. Be honest and integrated to evaluate yourself. That is where the real Renunciation stands.

Q: Sometimes when we renounce outwardly those desires will still be there in sub conscious level and sometimes by the time we realize there is nothing in it, it is too late, what to do?

A: Initial levels Renunciation physically also may be useful to achieve the state of the Renunciation in the mind. But achieving the mental state of Renunciation is the ultimate, foremost.

Q: I am a married man with children taking care of my family business. Can Renunciation be the spiritual path for people like me?

A: In cosmos marriage is neither recorded nor recognized. Its a individual’s decision. Sometimes they live together. Sometimes they separate.

Maha Deva has no specific records about this subject.

Q: What is the difference between Renouncing a desire and unclutching from it?

A: Both are one and the same.

Q: Without first renouncing the identity that desire all things is it possible to renounce anything at all?

A: Renouncing the desires erodes the identity. Renouncing the identity erodes all the desires. It is always one leading to the other. There is no such thing as which one will be first.

Q: I love creating wealth and have time for it. How can I combine creative expansion with Renunciation?

A: Establish yourself in Renunciation, the creative expansion will be your life breath. You will expand creatively so much, you will not bother to hold on to what you created.

Q: Can you say something about Sanyas as the path of Renunciation?

A: Renouncing your identities is Sanyas.

That is the way of life for any matured intelligent Being.

Transcription done and shared by Sri Nithya Sri Priyan ayya.

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The Process of diksa (initiation) – Patala LXXVII –Tantra of Ajita


By Shri Param Eswaran

Modern day Gurus, that traveling on the super highway, offer Diksa (initiation) over the internet, be aware, diksa is given by Guru to disciples in person, to experience the energy that comes from receiving diksa.

The Process of diksa – Patala LXXVII –Tantra of Ajita – Part 1

As (blazing) fire burns the dry and the wet, in the same way – good and bad karmas are as if burnt by the fire of knowledge.

Varieties of Diksa
Diksa is of many kinds – born from sight, touch, speech, mind, teaching, yoga, fire ritual:
1. (Diksa of Sight)
The fact that the disciple is seen (by the Guru) after meditating on supreme reality with open eyes, for the liberation from bonds, will be the diksa born from sight.
2. (Diksa of Touch)
(If the Guru) places the Siva-mantra with the brahma and anga mantra in his right hand and touches the head etc., of the disciple, it will be the diksa born from touch.
3. (Diksa of Speech)
(If the Guru) with inner light intensified by concentration of his mind on the (supreme) essence recites the samhita mantras, it is desired to be the diksa born from speech.
4. (Diksa of Mind)
a. When it is based on a mental process, it is called “born of the Mind”.
b. (Obtained) by givining teaching (of Saivagamas), it is called “diksa from teaching”.
5. (Diksa of Yoga)
a. (Obtained) by yogi, it is determined as diksa from yoga into the essence of Siva
b. (Diksa from fire-ritual), the Diksa which involves powers and fire-pit will be “born from fire ritual”.
In short diksa is desired by the knowers of diksa to be of two kinds:
  – one is involving mostly knowledge,
  – the other is traditionally known as involving mostly ritual
6. The diksa performed without worship and fire ritual, only through mental processes is taught as involving knowledge, being born of immediate awakening to essence.
7. The diksa which involves worship and fire-ritual, born from the skill of ritual practice, is the diksa involving rituals. It is again manifold without seed, with seed. (seed is bija mantras)
Diksa without seed and seed:
8. a. The diksa of samayin and putra will be “without seed”.
     b. The diksa of sadhaka and acarya will be “with seed”.
Now, this diksa without seed is taught as being of two kinds:
   – one giving liberation immediately,
   – the other after death.
The diksa without seed devoid of the practice of rules, should be young, simple-minded, old people, women, those addicted to pleasure, sick person.
The diksa with seed is well known as being for those who know and who are able.
With love and respect,

Readings from the NADI LEAVES!


These are the Nadi Leaves which are the readings recorded hundreds of years ago on the Nadi Leaves by Rishis (Scholars) for people born in the future.



Palm leaf manuscript of a devotee.

By Supporters of Nithyananda.


This is the actual translation of the palm leaf manuscript which was read out by the Nadi astrologer to the one of Nithyananda ashramites who consulted him without revealing his identity in any way.

The original recording is in Tamil.

The translation to English is given below:


The astrologer reads from manuscript:


Goraknath, Konkanavar, Idaikadar, Pachaimuni, Gamanamuni, Sattanathar, and Mahan Thiruvalluvar bow down to the divine feet of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, who lives in the land of Enlightenment, and begin with these following verses:


To the Easwara who wears the half moon in his Jata (matted locks).


The Lord who sits with Parvati as His wife.


The Lord in whom justice is firm, and for his people – for the people of Nithyananda.


Me, Agasthya, the seven rishis and the 18 siddhas will now present the divine prediction for Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


The name of this divine prediction is ‘divine showering of blessings’.


It means Nithyananda’s blessings, Nithyananda’s tapas (austerity) and the secret of his birth and his greatness, his different states.


The truth in which he is established, Me, Agasthya and the 18 siddhas and the seven rishis bring forth to the people of Nithyananda.


For those who have surrendered to Nithyananda.


This is the word given by Agasthya to protect the world in this moment, Nithyananda.


To protect the truth that is seated around in this world, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is seated to protect the truth that is seated in this world.


Truthful great Rishi – Paramahamsa Nithyananda, to help people follow a life of sanmarga.


Truthful lessons to the world he gives, not even an inch of wrong, in a life of purity, to help the people of this world.


To remove them far away from ‘Paava’ (sin), Paramahamsa Nithyananda to his people showed the path of dharma by following it.


The Trimurtis and devas also took birth around the great Rishi.


The Trimurtis – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, who saw Paramahamsa Nithyananda, merged with him in this Avatar.


At that moment he expressed the combined energy of all the Trimurtis.


He lives like the Brahma Shakti, Vishnu Shakti and Shiva shakti, in his avatar he dances the Ananda Tandava, and his state is in that Ananda Tandava.


Like the Nataraja of Tillai, Ambalavana.


His Being is always is in this state of Ananda.


Worriless, and with no deceit, with no impurity.


Everyday and every moment for the humanity.


Like the Adi Shiva of the Tillai.


He removes the sin of the world to make them pure.


He removes their sorrow and makes their life blissful.


He transforms their life into ‘Punya’.


He gives the clarity to the Being.


Just seeing him is a sight of the Divine.


Will give clarity to the Being.


He will give clarity to the people.


And endless bliss he gave too.


To the people of this world he gave enlightenment.


He has done many good things and has crossed many times.


To many countries he has done good.


He is the light of Gnana – he is the Adi Shiva.


The Shiva himself took birth as Nithyananda.


He travels to all the worlds without stopping.


His energy permeates all the worlds.


He is Lord who protects the world.


The Parama Shiva, Parameshwara who protects the world from all the flares of the pancha bhootas.


Me, Agasthya and the rest of us including Patanjali, Nandi and Shiva vakkiyar, Matsya muni, Kamala muni, Sattai nadar, Bhogar, Pulipani sittar, Danda thiru maharishi, Tirumoolar, Gorakkar (Gorakhnath), Konkanavar, Pampatti, Pattinattar, Narada and Roma rishi, Agni munivar, Marichi, Maadaanga, Markandeya, Kaaka bhujanda, Vasishta, Valmiki, the one in the world – Pattira kiriyar, 9 crore Siddhas who live with Shiva in Kailash…


All Live with Paramahamsa Nithyananda always.


All these rishis are always with Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


And perform the Ananda Tapas.


To the people of Nithyananda who live in this world.


To remove their worries in their mind and fluctuations in their minds.


Me, Agasthya the great Rishi is blessing.


The people of Nithyananda with these songs.


With the divine blessing of Nithyananda.


For Nithyananda’s people, to remove the worries and Agathiyar munivar tells you this.


Paramahamsa Nithyananda called Aadi Siva and me,  Agathiyar, and gave an order – to remove people’s worries, to remove the bad name that has been created he has said these readings.


The guru muni Paramahamsa Nithyananda has taken blames – there are reasons for this.


The avatar of Sarvesan, Nithyananda did things to protect the people of this world.


He was teaching true teachings of Siva.


Because of him many sinners became pure.


Many crore (million) people became blissful just by thinking about him, and they benefited.


The people who have seen his truth followed him.


At that time, people of different religion, and people who are in power, who are rulers, wanted to put wrong blame on him.


Using skills they had acquired, they created false images.


They used a person who used a disguise.


The person in the show is not Nithyananda but someone who is disguised as him.


They have disturbed the pictures – they have made them dance in the shadows.


The pictures shown are not Nithyananda – someone wore a disguise to look like him. That person made a big mistake.


His fate will be spoilt.


Agathiyar says with certainty – in the coming times people born in the Nithyananda clan will rule this world.


Agathiyar is telling this to Nithyananda’s people – you should listen carefully.


In this world, before Nithyananda was born he made 7 crore (70 millions) people to be born.


7 crore people were born with him.


After him he made 7 crore people born.


After he was born he has invited 7 crore people to this world.


Total, 21 crore (210 millions) people are born for him.


In the coming times, Paramhamsa Nithyananda will create a religion.


These 21 crore people have been born in various religions all over the world.


They will join – these 21 crore people come from various religions, various castes all over the world.


All of them will come and join Nithyananda.


Rule of Siddhas – when this path is followed, the land will flourish.


Siddhars will rule the land. Let us live this day praising Nithyananda.


We will praise Nithyananda without any blemish and worship him.


Agathiyar says – Paramahamsa Nithyananda is no one else but Eesan (SHIVA).


He is Sarveshwaran, he says.


Agathiyar says – he is Eesan, he is Sarvesan, Sarvershwaran.


You can ask, what is opposing Sarvesan?


You can ask, why should this fate happen to Sarvesan?


If you ask me, Agathiya, I will answer – you should listen closely and carefully.


I will tell you a way, I will tell you the reason.


Listen carefully.


Once the Avatar comes to the Earth, in this Earth even if it is Eesan’s avatar, Kali’s torture is very bad.


The dharma in kaliyuga, the angel of dharma is very bad.


In this Earth even if it is Eesan, he will be subjected to accusations and punishment.


Kali’s troublings are on one side.


God has taken an avatar, stepped on this earth – in this Kaliyuga, he has to experience punishments and tests and accusations, this is the fate of this Earth.


Kali’s torture and Kaliyuga’s dharma’s troubles are on one side.


On the other side there are many lakhs (thousands) of people of Nithyananda – Nithyananda has taken their sins and curses.


He has taken many people’s curses or many births, karmas of many births, diseases, sadness, tests – he has borne all these.


These have troubled him.


All the disrespect that has happened will run away.


You can ask me the next question – why has this happened to our guru?


In the coming days he will get major skills and clarity.


After this he is going to create many shaktis in this world.


Agathiyar will tell you the way – I am telling Nithyananda’s people a way.


Pray to Nithyananda.


Nithyananda is blemishless, without faults, true light Aadi Siva, Sarveshwaran.


I will teach you a mantra to workship him.


This is a mantra that all Siddhas can say.


If Nithyananda’s people use this mantra every day to pray and everybody will get a higher state, bliss, mega bliss, eternal bliss.


“Om aim kreem kleem sivaaya nithyaanandaaya nama”


People of Nithyananda should accept this mantra and chant it, Nithyananda’s sound will sound all over the work.


Nithyananda’s avatar will become famous, will be enhanced.


All the accusations on Nithyananda will go away.


Even those who blamed him, in another 5 years – they will also join him.


They will pray at the feet of the true Paramahamsa.


All over the world people will praise Nithyananda as God.


After 5 years, within another 5 years the world will praise Nithyananda as god.


All Nithyananda’s people, and others who have committed sins, and people who said bad things about Nithyananda will all wear Nithyananda’s mala.


When that time comes Nithyananda will accept everyone with happiness – he will not punish anyone.


Nithyananda’s people – please carefully listen to the full statements from Agathiyar – Siva,  Adi Siva, the resider of Kailash, has come in Nithyananda’s form to protect this world.


As the result of the penance of many crores of Siddhas, Paraasivan has been born as Paramahamsa.


All the creatures of the world, all the living things – he is in all of them.


He considers all the people of the world as his people, his children.


As a Jagatguru, as pure Siva, Sadasiva, as the sun and the moon – he lives.


Everything that has been explained here – Nithyananda’s people should read it.


To Ramanujam, who came to ask this, Agathiyar says – Nithyananda’s people should attain Nithyanandam, Agathiyar will make

it true.


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The Akashic Records – BIRTH & DEATH


These are the Akashic Records by Kalabhairava and Mahadeva (Paramahamsa Nithyananda as a channel)

Akashic Records are the mystical energy records of all the events that have ever happened, are happening and will happen in the cosmos. But the key to decode them correctly is in the hands of a very few enlightened beings. Now, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is opening up this infinite cosmic library  for the benefit of Humanity. This process is known as Akashic Readings.

Description of the ‘Akashic records’ by Paramahamsa Nithyananda:

“Akashik reading is as I am sitting, I am reading it out, nobody is involved, just independent intelligence of consciousness. The source gives its expectations. It is your life, how life should be, what for he creates, what for he maintains and what for he rejuvenates and refreshes. In this nobody is involved other than the superior source. Please understand this is un-editable, altered or manipulated. This is the command I give for Nithyananda sangha for ever. These are original records available free to world. Nobody has right to interpret, comment these readings. For anybody playing in tune with ‘Jeevan Mukthi’ does not need any other practice other than reading this again and again. These great truths penetrate your inner space. I know the power of happening, just now it is happening. Shiva is so compassionate and graceful and is opening the book of heart to whole world. He keeps the book of heart secret to his heart.

‘Rishi’ means a person who sees Mantra – Mantra means – it shows a path to people and liberate people to Enlightenment – Highest Consciousness. This will go on for at least 108 days – it will form basis for Nithyananda sangha, ever thin will evolve from 108 Akashik Readings. Reading as exactly cosmos wants to present to all of you. There will not be slightest interference, comments into these readings. The source will open itself to whole world. Nithyananda should never be claimed as author of this reading. Nithyananda is only a channel. Let this be clearly told to the world. These words are pure spiritual secrets – Book of Heart of Cosmos, very source of cosmic archives.”

The Akashic records:

26. September 2012


This is the readings from the Akashik records about birth.

There is no such thing as birth exists. Every individual water drop in the ocean, when it moves by its very innate intelligence, visualizes it is born and separated from the whole. When it gets rid of the very root delusion, it is called enlightenment. The birth is not happening as human beings understand, as the separation from the source. The source continues to exist as part of the part, which thinks, it is already become from the source. Source participates completely with the part in every action, in every deed, in every step, in every behavior, in every moment, through its all pervading permeating presence. The participation is never allows the separation of the part from the whole, so the part, continues to be the part of the whole. The birth as you understand does not exist in the cosmos. Continuously your movements, your desires, creates different states of consciousness in you. Because of this alerted consciousness like lust, anger, greed, fear, jealousy, competition, love, feeling of deprived, depression, because of these various experiences and the expressions, part starts feeling it is separated from the whole. The moment the part feels it is separated from the whole, it claims it has taken birth. So the birth actually does not happen as you think. When a body comes out of another one body, it cannot be called as birth. Only when the individual awareness feels it’s independence existence, the birth begins. Birth is the beginning of the suffering, as the part forgets its source’s existence, connection and participation with the source. As the source’s relationship is forgotten by the part, the deluded suffering becomes the life style from the moment of birth. Birth cannot be considered as the separation of the body you are carrying from another body which you call as mother, as this does not immediately inflict suffering into the individual part, because the individual part does not claim, feel, potent, participate in the concept, that it is individual part. So the truth exist as it is even though the body is separated from the another one body which you may call as mother. The moment the individual consciousness feels, the part is no more participating directly with the whole, that moment can be considered as birth. That moment indicates, the individual’s suffering beginning. It may get extended as long as that individual, that part feels it is independent existence from the whole existence. When the part remains, as part, it continues to create various form of conscious states, and the various forms of conscious state creates the kaleidoscope experience of this world, for that individual part. When the individual part realizes it’s mistake of remembering itself from the whole, it relaxes in to the whole. That Moment is called the Enlightenment. In this deepest form of the truth, oh, the souls, which feels, deluded you are separated , you are moved away from the whole, come back, remember, in the form of breathing, in the form of heat, in the form of your body, in the form of the thoughts penetrating in to your system. From the space, I the whole, continue to hold, support, feel, be part and participate in the existence and in the part of the existence, even though the part the does not feel I am participating. I am the source, I am the partner, part and whole of the your very existence. Oh! Dear souls, who feel you have departed from the whole, relax from your delusion. Whatever you think as the distance between as the source and you, it is just your thinking. The distance remains zero from the beginning of your journey, during the journey and till the end of the journey. Listen to this great sacred secret that will make you realize this great truth, your birth has never happened, as you consider as your birth date. The birth is your imagination day; the day you felt you are separate from the whole. So relax from that imagination. That day, is your day of your enlightenment. Whether the drop feels, it is floating, swimming, drowning, dissolving or disappearing, the drop is always the part of the whole ocean. Whenever, you accept the greed, to experience difference states of your own being, whenever you are afraid of different states of your being, you create different states of consciousness to fulfill your fear or greed. That is what you call waking state, dream state, deep sleep state, the fourth state and the cris-crossing of all these four states. Cris-crossing of these four states, creates sixteen states and above all, the ultimate state is ‘turiyadhitha’, beyond all these four. In that, you experience, you are always, you were, you are, you will be, part of the whole and this realization is a mandatory basic necessity for the every soul, which started feeling out of delusion, it is separated from the whole. The birth as you think, never happens. It is just, the different states of consciousness creating the kaleidoscopic effect and showing you the universe and the world in a different space. Because the kaleidoscopic effect which you create attracts your attention so much by creating fear or greed, you forget to look in to the first person and see you remained, remain, will ever remain as the part of the source, will never, can never, move out of the source. The source exits in source, so where is the question of birth?

Q: Why did the creator make us forget our Praraptha during the birthing process? Could life have not be in tune with cosmic well if every one remembers their Praraptha?

A: Creator did not even allow your birth.Your birth is your independent decision to rebel against the creator against the source. As your very decision to be born is against the will of the source it is not the source which made you forget your Praraptha. It is your individual decision to deny every truth from the source, you just decided to deny the Whole as completely,the Part has decided to go against the Whole and reject the Whole completely because it is your decision to shun away from all the truths of the Whole, you decided to forget your Praraptha. Your Praraptha is nothing but the quickest,easiest conscious experiences through which you can flow and reach the Whole and remember you never were a separate path from the Whole.So it is not the creator who made you forget your Praraptha, it is your strong rebellious mind which decided to say –NO- to the whole creation,that means you forget the Praraptha.Now the more you accept the existence as it is ,the more you accept the various kaleidoscopic experience of different consciousness happens in you as it is, you will realize your Praraptha. This is the process Mahadeva wants to initiate all of you, I tell you all, by sitting for 21 days without moving from a place and witnessing all the different states of consciousness happening in your body and mind and innerspace you reach a space where praraptha becomes seen, perceived, experienced directly by you.

Q: Why God created this world? God created human being, created suffering… All seems like a meaningless game from the highest perspective. God creates, God incarnates, God gets enlightened. What is this game about? Please clarify.

A: My dear Son what you describe itself is a answer. Only one thing you need to understand, you need to remove that word highest perspective ,that is the only perspective. God incarnates, God gets enlightened, God plays this whole role and God plays with himself. It is like a child playing with his own body, God is playing with his own body. It is not highest perspective this is the only perspective, realize that my son you achieve the true realization which I wanted to share with humanity.

Q: What happens when a pregnant lady seeks the blessings of an enlightened Master? Is it being a great bringing down the enlightened soul? 

A: When a pregnant lady is touched by the enlightened Being, the biomemory of an enlightened Being gets into the body of the child in her womb. The umblical cord is the part of the body which is built with more percentage of emotion and less percentage of flesh and blood, as this part is built with more percentage of liquid emotion, less percentage of solid flesh and blood the energy received in her body by the blessing or the touch of an enlightened Being directly goes and gets and stored in the biomemory of the child. When the child’s biomemory is stored with highest truth and the true rememberance of its eternal oneness with the existence, it attracts a soul which never feels itself as separate from the Whole. As it never feels itself separate from the Whole,the Part continuous to be the part of the whole, from the beginning it does not feel separate and grows expressing its whole consciousness as ‘Jeevan Muktha’.

Q: What does a conscious birth signify? Does every conscious birth child is enlightened in the womb.

A: Every conscious birth is beginning of enlightenment.Once the conscious birth happens enlightenment is not a big journey.It is only a choice,so usually all the Beings with conscious birth enters into enlightenment if not they may chose to stay back in that very state and continue to have few more births out of their free will.But any conscious birth Being is considered already on the fast track to enlightenment.

Q: Swamiji and others have said that a soul does not enter a body until born. What about the newborns recognize the sound … music, trauma, stress parents were experiencing the unborns experiences in that womb, are all strong part of its biomemory? When it is in the womb is it not a bunch of tissue or a being,  how can it experience all these ?

A: The unborns experiences in the womb are the strong part of its biomemory. When it is in the womb of the mother it is not just bunch of tissue,it experiences the extended life of the mother. But it does not develop the individual identity which can be the side effect of the ‘jeevathma’. The individual reflection of the soul itself enters only when the child comes out of the mothers body,as 2 individual reflection of the soul cannot exist in one body, only after the separation the individual reflection starts happening in its own body. He remembers whatever was recorded in his biomemory during the period his body was existing as a extension of his mothers life. It is just exchange of life in one body.

27. September 2012

DEATH (part 1)

Today Kalabhairava will do on the subject Death.

Death is liberation and celebration. It is a natural conscious digestion process; gift given to every individual soul tormented by the ignorance that they are separated from the whole; constantly reminding them, anything which separates them, including the concepts, is impermanent, anything which see, which makes them feel, as departed part of the whole, is impermanent. To make every individual soul, understand that the concept of the individuality is imagination and impermanent, death is given as a natural boon to the whole universe. Neither resurrection nor oblivion is the truth. The cosmic truth is reincarnation. Resurrection and oblivion are different mind’s perversions; the half baked truths. The truth and the complete fact is re-incarnation. All the Abrahamic religions, build their concepts on resurrection. All the atheistic religion build their philosophy on oblivion. All the dharmic religions build their principles on reincarnation. The reincarnation truth gets last in too many distorted , twisted facts and philosophical debates.

Here ‘Mahadeva’, reads outs the science of death for the seekers and for the people who want to cross the death. Death is of seven types, experienced by human beings.

First, the man who feels he is nothing more than a body. He experiences oblivion as death. He feels end of his identity is death. End of his individual existence is death, which is obviously false, illusion, delusion, which brings tremendous suffering; and the suffering constantly tortures and does not let him live while he is having the body.

Next, the person, who is completely centred on desires. He has a greed and cannot understand the possibility for a breakthrough, so he continuously extends his greed, even after he leaves the body. All the concepts exists, in all half baked philosophies and religious concepts; the concepts of heaven and extended life where the desires are fulfilled , where the continuum of desires exists, is extended delusion of desire based individual identity setup. This is neither completely false, nor permanent existence. Based on the ability to project their desires in to the existential space, they create their own heaven as long as they are disillusioned they continue to project their heaven and live . When they are disillusioned by their own projection, then they get back to their original source and decide the next course of action, based on the imaginations and delusions they retained after the disillusionment. Every disillusionment boils down the extended imaginations to the root delusion. If the root delusions themselves are boiled, burnt away, the imagination completely goes away. You are liberated from the imagination. If the root delusions are not burnt or boiled you project your root delusions into a different levels of imagination. Usually, the desire imagination expansion when it is dissolutioned, boils down to the root imagination, it projects again itself in the next root of guilt. The expansion, the imaginary projection of the guilt is a only considered as the lower levels of hell. Again, neither the hell is completely truth, nor the heaven is a completely truth and same way neither of them is complete false nor of them is complete reality. Please understand this great truth. Mahadeva repeats, for every one of you to grasp inside. The reality you are facing as now, as what you call as ‘bhoologa’, the very less intense projection of the delusion is ‘booloaga’; and little higher projection of your extended greed is ‘swaraga loga’, the heaven; and guilt is little higher projection of your deluded disturbed mental set up, patterns of root greed in different direction. The guilt is lower level hells, where you repent, repent, repent for your sins. Sin is nothing but retaining the root patterns of desire even after you are disillusioned by the projections of those same roots. When the fruits and the crops dissolution you, still, you hang on, expecting the different root or crops to come out of the same seed, is guilt. Guilt projects into the next level of hell which is again neither truth not false. It is again your ability and the intensity to project, decides the quality and quantity of the time you need to spend you spend in the hell. Once you disillusioned, even your sufferings are not real, you enter into the root pattern which goes to the deeper root than the ordinary experience of hell.

The deeper root is pain; the ultimate hells you experience in this space. Again your death decides the quality and quantity of the sufferings you are continuously going to experience. Understand, every levels of death teaches the great lessons, if you are ready to hear. Every life, every year, practically every day, every one of you go through all the seven deaths.

The forth death, death from the pain; even the pain is also a projected delusion from the root pattern it does not exist and it cannot co-exist with the existence of the cosmic soul, as the cosmic soul’s presence is felt every day by your individual soul in the deep sleep and the restful awareness. The pain pattern also, faces the death. When the pain patterns faces the death, the experience the individual soul goes through is depression.

Depression is not even the existence of pain; when you don’t even project your pain, when you are not even capable of projecting your pain on the reality, the comparative reality, the constant torture you do to yourself with the seed is depression. Seed which cannot grow, but continues to exist as a living seed is depression.

The death from the depression, is the sixth death, called dark night of the soul. Every soul goes through during the sleep in the form of a unrememberable nightmare, every day. Morning, when u come out of the nightmare and can’t remember the scenes but only can experience the feeling of the nightmare it is dark night of the soul. Dark night of the soul is the near death experience for so many individuals. All the individuals who record the near death experience as being pulled in to the cave, and pushed out with the tremendous pain is near experience, which is nothing but the dark night of the soul in the long term. When the dark night of the soul happens every night, it is called nightmare. When the nightmare happens once in a life, it called near death experience. Understand, the great truths of the death. Even by listening to these great truth of the death again and again and again , you are liberated from these great truths. These great truths should be heard by the children before they are spoiled and wronged by the human society with the immature ideas. These words should be repeated as mantras, so whenever you repeat a word again and again and again, not only the linguistic understanding happens , this forms the phonetic basis of your very thinking. When the great truth forms the phonetic basics for your thinking, it is called living enlightenment.

So the seventh death, the seventh form of the death, which is beyond the dark night of the souls happens as the ‘nibbana, nirvana’, extinction of the individual deluded identity. Extinction of the individual deluded identity, is the ultimate death, which is liberation and celebration.

What you feel as your identity, is your identity centered on the body, then, oblivion is the obvious truth about your death. If your individual identity is centered on desire, guilt, pain, resurrection is the obvious truth about your death. If your individual identity is capable of going through the depression and the dark night of the soul, then re-incarnation is the truth about your death. If your individual identity is prepared while in the body itself to go through event the depression and the dark night of the soul and able to exist without the help of the body and mind, enlightenment , liberation and celebration is the truth of your death. The death has a four meaning, to the four different levels of people:

– If you remember yourself constantly as the body, oblivion is the reality for you.

– If you remember yourself as the extended desire, inexhaustible guilt, unbearable pain resurrection will be your expected truth about death.

– If you are able to enter in to the depression and the dark of the night of the soul, reincarnation is the possibility of your soul about death.

– If you can stand all these experiences while you are carrying the physical body and able to stand the ability to be without the physical body and mind through the uncluthcing, enlightenment is the equal word for your death.

Enlightenment when it enters in to your system, in the form of death, it is liberation and celebration, so death does not happen to all individuals equally. It is based on the standard of the individual, death happens. Whether, oblivion is your truth, resurrection is your truth, or reincarnation is your truth or Enlightenment is your truth, is your decision. It is the individual capability and individual’s responsibility. When the quality of life increases day by day, the quality of death also increases. A man who feels connected to the truth of oblivion, naturally, obviously centered just on body, will not have completion, the complete feeling of life. The people who are in the middle level, feel connected to the resurrection truth, the resurrection concept. That is why the mass feels, very comfortable with the concept of resurrection. Very evolved individuals, very few individuals feel the truth of reality of reincarnation. It is only very few enter in to the experience of enlightenment.

Q: Another BIRTH question, it seems with the ‘samyama’ we are here to transcend the body don’t eat, sleep, drink, think about sex… not be bothered about heat, cold, pleasant or unpleasant… Why take a body if we were here to be transcended?

A: Transcending is step for liberation. You took the body out of ignorance and delusion. Now the ‘samyama’ is the step to get out of, to go beyond the depression and delusion. So understand ‘samyama’ is like medication, it is a solution for the problem which you created by feeling that you have the body. You are asking wrong question why to have disease at all when we can take medicine and get out of the disease. There is no answer if you ask why to have disease first and then have medicine and get out of disease because you already fell into the disease,medication is given to you. Because you already fell into the delusion of having a body the ‘samyama’ is given to you as medication.

Q: I have seen thousands of babies come into world and it was my job in the labour and delivery room, some baby feel stressful, some peaceful, some blissful… How their entrance into world affect the rest of their life? How do they react in life… Is birth process going to change in future more peaceful? Are the attitudes of doctors going to change towards more peaceful birth?

A: Time, place, way, mood, awareness of your birth directly affects the way you are going to live. So the future humanity should become conscious for the truth Birth is the greatest miracle and possibly the conscious Birth centres, the welcoming mood filled welcome centres for the human beings should be established. It is unfortunate human beings never understood the importance of the first moment of a Being landing on the planet earth. Let conscious Beings receive the Beings consciously into the planet Earth. This is the command of ‘Mahadeva’.

Q: How to live a deathless life in this birth? Is it possible? Where is the soul residing in our body? What will be our next birth?

A: Soul does not reside in your body. It only reflects on your body. The place you chose for your soul to reflect decides the level of awareness in which you are going to be living.

If you chose ‘Muladhara’ (1st chakra) as the place for the soul to reflect you will be centered only on body and the lust and reproduction. You will not find anything else as bigger experience. Human beings chose usually ‘Muladhara’ and ‘Swadishtana’ (2nd chakra) as regular place of reflection.

Very few peace lovers make ‘Manipuraka’ (3rd chakra) as the reflection spot.

When you chose ‘Anagatha’ (4th chakra) as a reflection spot you become a devotee.

When you feel and decide ‘Vishudhi’ (5th chakra) as a reflection spot of the cosmic soul into your individual body you become ‘Shaktha’ and high achiever.

With the shakthi when you chose your ‘Agna’ (6th chakra) as a reflective place, the place of reflection for your soul, you live with extraordinary powers as a ‘Siddha Purusha’, the embodiment of Shiva.

When you reflect your cosmic soul into your individual body on ‘Sahasrara’ (7th chakra) you live as incarnation, the embodiment of the cosmic soul, Mahadeva himself. Mahadeva resides and expresses unique pure spiritual dimension in your body.

So the body is not possessing the soul, soul only reflects on the body. When it decides not to reflect anymore the body is considered as dead. When ‘Sahasrara’ becomes the place of reflection suddenly a new centre develops in your system which is responsible for the ‘Sahasrara’ to relate, cooperate, coordinate with the lower level of existence also, that new centre is ‘Anandha Gandha’ (8th chakra).

So when you experience the reflection on ‘Anadha Gandha’ (8th chakra), you directly receive the incarnations energy, radiate the incarnations energy, you become part of the incarnation. As you asked in the question, is life without death is possible? Is deathless life possible? Mahadeva very clearly tells you all, it is possible. He gives you the science which is most sacred secret, seven instructions.

Do not eat anything other than this 3 items: Goat milk, groundnut, Haritaki and continuously be doing ajapa japa. Let your breating be completely guided by the ajapa japa. You can chose any mantra initiated by your enlightened Guru. Ajapa japa, these 3 food and constantly unclutching. Every night getting into death the meditation, death process. Visualize, face all the death, do not allow any samskara uncompleted. Death process is nothing but completion of all the samskaras. When you do death process every night completion of all the samsakaras happens. Understand every instruction when they are imbibed and practiced deathless life is possible.

1) The first instruction : Do not eat anything else other than this 3 : Goat milk, groundnut, Haritaki.

2) Second : Do Ajapa japa. Let your breathing be guided continuously by Ajapa japa.

3) Third : Every night complete all the samskaras and patterns you built, by entering into the death process.

4) Fourth : Practice unclutching, whenever you remember unclutch, unclutch… reduce the time of unawareness and restlessness. Practice the presence of restful awareness.

5) Next remember these great truths about life and let all the cognizant about life be taken based on this one understanding about life and death.

6) Life and death are not two different things. It is just continuous process happening in you as a natural force.

7) Ultimately and finally remember the realization, this body is not away apart from your cosmic soul. It is also the inclusive part of your eternally existing cosmic soul.

These 7 truths can directly make you live deathless life. Deathless life is possible.

28. September 2012

DEATH (part 2)

Mahadeva will continue to reveal the Akashik Reading:

Whenever many deaths of mind happens in same body it is spiritual evolution. If many bodies die in the same mind it is unconsciousness – Spiritual endarkenment. More minds die in the same body, you are spiritual growing, evolving, when more bodies die in the same mind, you are spiritually going down, destroying yourself. Again and again and again bodies die minds die. Blessed are those in whom many minds die in one body. Continuously allow minds to be dying. Let your mind even if you think in best space allow it to die. Allow it for the transformation. Allowing the mind to die every time in same body leads you to the highest liberation and celebration. The concept of money possession, ownership is the side effect of inability to accept the death of the body. The feeling of your son is the extension, it also  is the inability to accept the extinction of the body. When you are ready to accept the extinction of the body the part of you which does not die goes through a powerful transformation and liberates itself from the dying component of you, which is the body through this way it achieves a space where there is no extinction, where there is no peg. Death is the most powerful mechanism  either to get enlightened  or to get yourself drowned in deeper and deeper unconsciousness. Every day when you fall asleep, it is equivalent to death, when you wake up, it is equivalent to birth. From the deep sleep if you come to dreaming state, it is unconscious birth. From the deep sleep, if you come directly to waking state, it is conscious birth. Every day you go through birth and death. How you behave with this birth and death is happening every day is going to decide how you are going to behave with birth and death is going to happen with your body. Because every day birth and death is nothing but direct glimpse of the long big birth and big death which is only has a difference in time but not in space  or the place. Your every day birth and death  and every life birth and death happens in same space and place. Only time difference between one birth and another. But the time difference between birth death of one and birth, death of the other is different. There are some files which is not able to completely be revealed just by verbalization. Even after reading, verbalization, still those files remain having some material without being completely revealed. Those step, those material can be transmitted only by initiation, because those Akashik records cannot get into beyond the act of verbalization. They are not able to be translated into the words. They just continue to remain  as vibrations.

  1. When your mind dies in the same body becomes a new mind. Cosmos enters into you, when your body die.
  2. When your body dies in the same mind takes a new body, whole is not holding on to the thought, even though the thought mind have happened on the whole also. Only when you hold on to the thought, you remain as part. So the feeling of separation, who created, why created is not the  real focus of  your vengeance or action. Your focus should be on who is holding, not to the feeling of separation, not who created, why it got created. Who holds on to it gives life to it. The feeling of separation, because the part only is holding on to it, it is giving life to it.

So your action and intensity to act upon should be directed to the center. Who is holding on, the feeling  that you are separate from the whole you are part of the whole.

Q: Dear Swamiji , if one has take an unconscious birth, how can he takes conscious death?

A: That is what is life. The life gives you the possibility to move from unconsciousness to consciousness  and consciousness to super consciousness. If you take unconscious birth  you can move to consciousness, then if you have taken conscious birth, you can move to super consciousness, death is enlightenment itself and even if you take unconscious birth, you can directly jump into super consciousness.

Q: Why there is so much fear on death? How did relationship emerged as important thing in our life ?

A: Anything you don’t understand, don’t want to understand does not have the brain capacity to understand, fear surrounds it. Unknown is always fear for any  living being. Now understand, ‘Mahadeva’ himself, the source of the creation, the source of the existence, the source of the eternity, is revealing these great truths. Again and again and again listen to these great truths chant these great truths, this will liberate you from the fear. When your cognition is based on these great truths, cosmic secrets you will be free from the fear.

The fear is nothing but the projection of negativity on the future possibility. It is not necessary you need to continuously project negativity or positivity on the future possibility, simply seeing the future possibility without projecting negativity or positivity on to it is living ‘praraptha’. So the fear comes into your system only when you project your negativity on the future possibilities. Negativities, the negative ideas need not be projected on the future possibility.

Relationships gives you the feeling it is very important in the life because through every relationship you try to have extended life. While you are living whatever your body and mind cannot do for your interest & pleasure you try to fulfill through the body & minds of your relationships and same way whatever they cannot fulfill through their body & mind they are trying to fulfill through your body & mind. So mutually each other helping to fulfill the others interest through body & minds of each other is relationships.

If both of you understand the interest of each other and ready to support each others fulfillment it is called successful relationship. There comes love, compassion, sacrifice & spiritual growth. But if both of them are not understanding the real agendas of others, interests of others, continue the relationship may be because one person has hidden interests, hidden agendas which he does not want to reveal to the other or which he himself is not aware. When this kind of situations arise relationships breaks or relationships continue to exist, its being exploited, with exploitation these kind of relationships lead to the worst great sin of keeping the other person as slave.

Whenever the slavery happens cosmos strongly condemns it. So no slavery is allowed in the cosmos. Cosmos is strictly against slavery because slavery is equivalent to the murder of partial time. In slavery even if the other person has their body & mind it is equivalent to they are killed, they are  murdered because that body & mind is not useful to that person anymore.

So relationship with a open, mutual interest should be encouraged and it supports both the beings to evolve towards the fulfillment and finally the understanding how many bodies & minds you may use to fulfill your interest that your interests  are not going to lead you to your restful awareness. So that understanding may help you to renounce all the interests and even your own body & mind and settle down in restful awareness. So this understanding will naturally be leading you towards enlightenment. Going smoothly towards that understanding will be happening through the right understanding of relationships.

Q: What should one do to leave the body without pain and in a graceful way?

A: Every night when you fall asleep again and again and again do death process meditation ‘Nir Baya Dhyana’ – So, when you do the ‘Nir Baya Dhyana’ facing all the fears, death process, it will clear your inner space, naturally you will enter into painless death and deathless space.

Q: What are the practices which can help the consciousness to leave the body up will?

A: Continuously if you watch your breath and know how the breath goes inside the body and mixes into your blood, spreads all over the body through your nervous system as energy which strengthens the existence and reflection of life in your body, you will know when to stop the life, supporting the individual life in your body, the prana supporting reflection and life in your body.

29. September 2012

DEATH (part3)

Mahadev will continue the Akashik reading.

Death is Guru. Not oblivion by body centered individuals, death, the boiling process whenever your engrams desires, fear, greed everything is boiling in the high energy, there is a possibility your desires can become reality, your fears can be conquered, you can be free from both desire and fear, but ready is enough to face the process of consciousness and with that just make you understand that illusionment which can be caused by their presence. Fears come in front of you  make you understand they cannot frighten you anymore, but if you do not have the  awareness to look into them, you get deluded by them, while you see the truths about them, it is like mistaking a friend to be a enemy and before even the friend expresses his friendliness you thinking him as an enemy and feeling a different attitude. Desires and fears in front of you hit the moment of death, have patience and restful awareness look into them, they are coming in front of you, just to tell you they are disillusionment their ability that they cannot frighten you anymore. By not looking at them with deep restful awareness those desires are given a wrong extension of life  by an unaware conscious mind. When the desires are given wrong extension of life what you experience is heaven. When the fears are given the wrong extension of life what you experience is hell. With restful awareness when you deeply see them this is liberation. Death can be great Guru to liberate you. God give you the ultimate, having restful awareness in every moments of your life during great attacks of fear and greed while you are in the body is the best way to prepare for the death  and ability to handle your fears and greeds while you leave the body. The moment of the leaving the body is of great importance, that moment will decide the way you are going to continue your further journey so prepare yourself with restful awareness continuously being a ‘jeevan muktha’. Being established in restful awareness during all the chaos and tsunamis of fears and greeds tax you while you where in the body. In unconscious way without having awareness suction or death before dying or during dying bring suffering and can bring big conscious dimension process which is termed as ‘Nivruthi’ in the Upanishadic records. Understand moving consciously to the death process liberates you from the fear and greed. Every moment in your life, when you grow the fear or greed, the small dimension of death is perceived and experienced by your restless consciousness. Being in restful awareness will have complete depth in handling  restful awareness  so that it can liberate you. As these truths are ‘aboushya’ and ‘sarvabhouma’, not dependent on any individuals including a body, the body through which it is read out  and ‘sarvabhoumya’ is universal, who internalizes the truths aligns their conscious process of cognisance based on the truth — will — very existence by the grace of Kala Bhairava, Maha Kala, Cosmos itself.

01. October 2012

DEATH (part 4)

Mahakala will continue the Akashic records about the subject Death.

Illusion expanded identity, possession is life. Life in a deluded way possesses and the possession itself is felt as its own identity because of illusion. Possessor itself is felt as its own. When life feels it possesses the body and lands up in delusion, it is the body, it is life. When it feels it possesses wealth and wealth is part of its identity, it is deluded life. Same way when it feels name and fame, rewards and awards it possesses and the possession itself becomes part of its identity, it is deluded life. Life goes on getting deluded with so many things with the concept of possession and in the deeper delusion the possession itself becomes part of its identity. Death comes as a great celebration and liberation as deluded unnecessary illusion and illusory identities, it is a great relief whenever part of you what you think as a part of you, is taken away from you. The truth – which was, it was never part of you is reminded to you understand when money is taken away from you, when you feel the pain that some part of your identity is dying it is a lesson to you it was never part of you, it was your possession which was deluded and given you the illusory identity it was part of you. When the name and fame is taken away from you, you are reminded of the truth it was never part of you. It was your possession, but due to delusion you identified that as part of your very identity. Same way when you are reminded the body on which your multiple identities continue to grow, the brain on which the perception of multiple identities are experienced by you, when that is taken away from you, the very ground on which your very multiple possessions and the possibility of that possessions giving the delusive feeling you are part of those possessions and those possessions are your identity, is taken away from you.

A being should constantly remind itself not to identify with any possession. Not having possessions and not identifying with the possessions is path of renunciation. Even having the possessions but having the clarity the possessions are not part of your identity is the path of  ‘grihastha’. Whether you take up the path of ‘grihastha’ through the responsibility and having the wealth and everything or the path of renunciation without having possessions itself , the important truth you need to remember is not letting anything to become part of your illusory deluded identity. Whether you have possessions or not, does not matter, that should  not become part of your identity which is already deluded.

When the source get deluded by identifying itself by the, on the body, the body itself is the possession. But when you identify the possession of your body as your identity, the delusion of the identity begins. When the delusion of identity starts, it leads to multiple identities like identifying yourself with your wealth, with your name and fame and all other possessions. Death is a reminder, a powerful  Guru, to make your being understand all this was never part of you, these were never part of your illusory or deluded understanding. So, relax from the illusion of identifying your possessions as your identity, possessions are possessions. They are not your identity, identity should be experienced beyond anything you posses. Possessed does not comprise or compete or fulfill or lead the experience of the true identity. Sometimes your own possessions try to compete your identity, the possessions competing your original identity is disease. When your body  competes with your original identity the competition is disease.  When your mind competes with original identity that is depression. When possession competes with original identity – the possession themselves do not have independent life but the life received from the source identity – your possessions starts competing with a source identity. That competition is perversion.

So, death clearly neatly irons out your inner space. It makes you understand many things which were never part of your identity but you assumed as part of your identity because of your experiencing possession of those things. Anything which does not say no to you continuously you feel as possession. Unfortunately, because they do not have any will to say no to you, your will possesses it. When your will possesses something it gets into delusion that is part of you. Remembering things which does not say no to you, is not part of you, is ‘unclutching’. Remember, things may not say no to you, it does not mean that they are part of your very identity. They may be possessed by you, you may have ownership over them, but you cannot have identification over them, including  your body, you are only a owner, you cannot impose your identification on them. Reminding these great truth to you as a natural process is Death.

Death continues to happen multiple times continuously in your life because you carry multiple identities. You just need awareness to perceive, experience, live through all the multiple deaths happening, when you have the awareness, consciousness, experiencing multiple deaths in your life you going through conscious deaths continuously. Going through conscious deaths consciously does a great conscious cleansing in you. Consciously having conscious cleansing is living enlightenment. Once you are completely cleansed in your consciousness and remain pure, you are ‘jeevanmukta’, you are radiating enlightenment. Understand the truth – death continuously happening in you consciously is just to remind you about your original purity and help you to remain in purity.

Questions & Answers

29/9/12 & 1/10/12

Q: Dear Kalabhairava, yesterday you explained about nirbhaya meditation. How do we bring out the subconscious and unconscious fear and greed during the nirbhaya meditation. Thank you.

A: When you again and agian go through Nirbhaya Dhyana, naturally in few days your subconscious and unconscious patterns open up. In cosmic law there is no separate subconscious and unconscious. Only the deeper layers on which you are  not able to lay your hands immediately, you name them as subconscious and unconscious. Again and again peeling your patterns your reach the subconscious  and unconscious. There is no need for separate process other than the simple straightforward Nirbhaya Dhyan.

Q: In yesterday satsang you spoke about bhooloka. What exactly do you mean by saying, bhooloka is a less intense projection, and hell and heaven are little higher-level projections? Does it mean that it is more easy to find that bhooloka is a projection?

A: The possibility for disillusionment and experiencing the other extremes is more easy in bhooloka. In bhooloka you can extremely experience the pain and the opposite extreme of the pain, pleasure, very easily without difficulty.  But in hell you can never experience pleasure, in heaven you can never experience pain. When the opposite extremes are not experienced, the delusion continues to delude you. The disillusionment of anything happens only when the opposite extremes are experienced. When you experience the pleasure,  disillusionment of pain happens. When you experience pain, disillusionment of pleasure happens. Both disillusionments finally giving giving you the realization both are illusion can happen easily only in human body in planet earth, in bhooloka. Because never pain happens in swarga, in heaven,  people do not perceive, do not get disillusioned. In heaven they continue to remain, understand, think, that pleasure is eternal. Because the disillusionment does not happen, they do not seek the ultimate reality. Same way, in hell because the disillusionment of the pain does not happen even by the moment of the pleasure, they continue to remain feeling the hell is eternal. That is the reason people who are in the hell or in the heaven feel it is eternal. Only in the bhooloka, the truth of ephemeral reality comparative reality is experienced. So anybody wants to experience the existential reality which is beyond ephemeral and comparative reality has to land on bhooloka, and bhooloka is the thinnest layer possible for penetration and going beyond your patterns, samskaras, engrams. Any space you are made to experienece, both the extremes again and again will make you rich consciousness. All great masters’ feet will make you experience both extremes continuously. Energy fields are the space where both extremes are perceived, continuously experienced, and the completion both extremes are made to happen in you so that the disillusionment happens very quickly.

Q: Dear Swamiji, pranams. In yesterday’s satsang you spoke about the waking state and deep sleep states. How can we spend majority of sleep time in deep sleep and what practices will help move from deep sleep directly to waking state? Thank you.

A: Nirbhaya Dhyan is more than enough, you can also practice unclutchnig and ajapa japa while you fall asleep. It will reduce the quality and quantity of the time you spend in dream. Directly you can fall asleep. Even directly falling asleep and coming out of the sleep directly to the waking state may help your physical and mental health but that will no way be helpful for enlightenment. For enlightenment directly falling into turiya state and coming out of turiya is only going to help.

Q: What are the steps of the Death meditation that we need to do every night? Kindly explain.

A: Every fear you accumulate ,every fear makes you feel agitated every fear which you do not want to think or remember – go through, go into all those fears consciously neither deciding to save yourself from that fear nor having greed to achieve what you are afraid of.

  • So without having the greed or fear enter into the fear. Naturally the fear will lose its quality of fear when you do not carry the fear or greed for the fear. Greed has its quality of greed because you are greed for greed and fear about the greed. Same way the fear has the quality of fear because you are fear for the fear and greed and it directly leads towards the fear.
  • So when your fears are approached with fearlessness and greedlessness the straightening out of your consciousness every day happens.
  • The change of consciousness from ‘Jakrath’ to ‘Swapna’, ‘Swapna’ to ‘Sushupthi’; the waking state to dream state – the dream state to the deep sleep state happens because your awareness is not straightened out. Either the bumps of the fear or the bumps of the greed responsible for your consciousness jumping from waking state to dream state or dream state to deep sleep state. If you remove all the bumps of fear before falling asleep you will not fall asleep, you will fall into something called restful awareness – which is recorded by the word – ‘Thuriya’ – by the earlier mantra ‘drishtas’.
  • So the word ‘Thuriya’ denotes the state of falling into the restful awareness without the bumps of fear or greed. Every night remove all the bumps you created during your day time through fear or greed. Continous practice of removing all the bumps of fear and greed by facing them will help you to fall into the state of Thuriya. This is what Mahadeva calls as Death process – ‘Nir Bhaya Dhyana’.

Q: Is doing the ritual of the departed one being done after death is important?

A: It is important as the living ones will be tormented by the unconscious memory and the living ones will project their life’s understanding, fear and greed on the departed ones. For the healing of living ones the rituals for the dead is important. Perform as long as you are free from the fear and greed projection of yours on the dead ones. When you are completely free from your fear and greed being projected on the dead ones you can stop performing those rituals.

Q: What are the practices and enchants to be done to a person who terribly ill to help them to have conscious death?

A: Recite all the Akashic records readings done by Kalabhairava, chant all these great verses continuously, that itself will make the individual chose the conscious death. So Akashik readings by Kala Bhairava using this body of Nithyananda is enough to make the individual decide to have conscious death.

Q: Why do we remember our past when we wake up from sleep? Why do we not wake up into real life after death, is it because we take a different body after death?

A: Even after sleep you do not remember all the past. The amount of the destruction of your body is very less. But how much your body is destroyed that much of your past gets into the Karana Layer – the Causal Layer and you do not remember. In the death the destruction of your body is more because of that the non-rememberance of bio-memory is also more.

Q: Is it possible to retain the memory of our past last lives? Does one need to have a special body and nervous system to withstand such experience?

A: Only the nervous system which is prepared by the yogic practices like ‘unclutching’ which is freely easily able to handle the present life bio-memories available without getting stressed, tensed, diseased, disturbed will be able to handle the more memories of the past life.

07. October 2012

DEATH (part 5)

Today Kala Bhairava will read the Akashik records of Death.

Death is the illusion as understood by human brain. If you awaken the non-mechanical parts of the human brain it will have the capacity to see the life with the larger understanding. Children do not have even the level of the brain awareness awakened in the adults, that is why everytime when they fall asleep and come out of sleep they feel they are dead and came back, they strongly believe whatever has happened in dream has really happened. That is why in the dream they feel hungry, in the waking state they cry and whatever has happened in the dream they feel as true.

The lowest level of brain functioning is responsible for taking your life as bits and pieces without having large vision. Person who thinks every dream is reality, every deep sleep is death and gets broken, feels the discontinuity during sleep and waking is unconscious.

When the brain grows little more and capable of looking at the life with larger vision every night sleep does not feel like death, every day waking up does not feel like birth, they are able to stitch every sleeps and waking ups together and call it as life, this is consciousness.

If your non-mechanical parts of the brain is also awakened, kundalini also awakened, you will see lives and deaths by stitching it together as the large life.

Ability to see the large life and making your decisions based on those understanding is Jeevan Mukthi, living Enlightenemnt.

Ability to see the large life, different deaths and different births are not discontinuity of your existence – just like births and deaths are continuity, just like sleep and waking up is the continuity of your life Births and Deaths are also continuity of your life.

The more you see the continuity of the life – more you become intelligent, more you become blissful, more you become alive, more you are enlightened.

Awaken the non-mechanical parts of  the brain by kundalini awakening or any spiritual process as preside by incarnations and enlightened Beings. You will realize Death & Birth is just continuity of the different parts of life. Just like sleep and waking and dream is continuity of the same life Birth, Death and the gap between Death & Birth are all continuity of the same life.

Understanding this takes away all the fear all the possible fear in your life and gives you tremendous restful awareness – Vast time is in front of you to fulfill your life’s purpose and mission.

In the time when greed is dissolved desire disappears. When there is less time more greed then enters desire in your brain and mind. When there is vast time any amount of greed cannot contaminate the time with the pollution called desire.

When the time is available in front of you like ocean no river of greed can change the colour of the ocean, polute the ocean. If the time is available just only in the size of a lake in front of you even a small greed stream can polute the lake.

Understand time makes an important decision about the levels of your desire and fear.

Man who understands the continuity of life and death, in front of whom the vast amount of time is available, who is in the restful awareness with the understanding – the vast time is available in front of them, who is not driven by the concept of losing time is Kala Bhairva.

When you relax in the restful awareness – vast time is available in front of you, time becomes a friend. Making time your friend is going beyond time, going beyond death, then you become Kala Bhairava.

Just the simple understanding just like birth, dream, waking, deep sleep, death are all different phases of life – sleeping, dreaming, waking up all three are part of same life if you are conscious. Same way dying, rebirth, the gap between death and rebirth are all part of same life if you are super conscious.

Awaken to this truth – your births, your deaths, your gap between birth and death are all part of same life.

I, Kala Bhairava tell you all, you don’t even need any other spiritual practices – LISTEN – Your Life, Death, Re-birth, gap between Life & Death, Birth and Re-Birth are all part of your same life. It is not end or restart.

This one truth can relax you, put you in restful awareness, you don’t need to hurry about your desires, about your greeds, cosmos is flowing towards you, you are flowing towards the cosmos, you don’t need Fast Track.

The moment you understand you don’t need Fast Track because you have vast time in front of you all the knots, thought patterns, samskara knots, the grandis you created in your different energy centres and the thought patterns you created, the thought patterns and samskaras still which you are keeping stitched straight gets loosened. The moment thought patterns, samskaras get loosened they lose their grip over you, you live enlightenment.

Oh! Human Beings remember this one truth, Kala Bhairava out of my compassion, tremendous love I am sharing this very sacred secret the basic important truth with you all.

Oh! Humanity LISTEN:

Your life, your death, the time between life and death, the time between death and re-birth are all part of same life. Do not be afraid, nothing will be taken away from you and you do not need urgency, rushing towards any of your goal, greed. You do not need to have fear and escape from any of your fears, anxiety neither your greeds nor your fears has urgency of time.

Relax from the urgency of time. The restful awareness which comes when you relax from the urgency of time makes vast time available in front of you. Anybody who has the vast time available in front of them is Kala Bhairava. Every one of you can become Kala Bhairava when you relax from the immediate urgency of time. When your greeds can’t create desire in you, when your fears can’t create anxiety in you – you are free from time.

Vast time is available in front of you, with the vast time available in front of you your greed cannot make you urgent, your fear cannot make you disgraceful, your fear cannot frighten you, your greed cannot make you desireful.

Oh! Human Beings contemplate on this great truth again and again and again. The brain which I am using to radiate this truth to all of you is capable of transmitting the great truth to all your brain as brains do not have individual consciousness, it is just a bio-memory chip in human body.

I bless you all to receive the truth to relate with the truth to be receptive to this truth, it will be transmitted just like that, it can be easily transmitted.

Your death, your re-birth, the time between the birth and death, re-birth are all part of same long life. There is no discontinuity in the whole life.

Let this one truth sink in all of you to make you understand greed does not need to create desire in you. In the ocean when the river enters it doesn’t create ripples. In the vast time available in front of you, by this great truth, even if the greed enters it does not create the ripples of desire, even if the fear enters it does not get ripples of anxiety.

I bless you all, Kala Bhairava puts his foot print on all your brains, let your bio-memories be awakened to this great truth.

BIRTH & DEATH and RE-BIRTH and time gap between BIRTH & DEATH, DEATH & RE-BIRTH are all part of same long life. There is no discontinuity in these happenings. KALA BHAIRAVA blesses you all with this great truth.

Let this great truth be downloaded in all the brains which are having Naina Deeksha from this brain, all over the world – Nama Shivaya!

This is the secret of Death through which Markandeya conquered Kala Bhairava, Markandeya conquered Yama, the Lord of Time. The Lord of Time, when he conqueres you is Yama; when you conquer him is Kala Bhairava. When you conquer him you become Kala Bhairava, when he conquers you he is Yama to you.

Let this great truth land on all of you Nama Shivaya!!… Nama Shivaya!!… Nama Shivaya!!…

Let all of you chant the mahamantra Nama Shivaya intensely and loudly.

Let this great truth be transmitted in all your brains, the vast time be available to everybody. Let the bio-memories of all of us be capable of experiencing the large time.

Let this great truth of unbroken long life be established in all the brains. Let every bio-memory  realize the vast time available in front of us. Let the greed not create desires. Let the fear not create anxiety. Let the restful awareness, sathva be established in all the bio-memories.

08. October 2012

DEATH (part 6)

Now Kala Bhairabva will read Akashik Records about Death.

Death is door to different possibilities. Death is the door to the happening. When the past and future overlap the life it gets deluded  and forgets its original natural existence. Death is the moment the  influence of the past  and the influence of the future is completely moved out, life stand still in its natural existential reality.

Life can be experienced in its purest form in death. Every meditation, every spiritual technique every kriya helps you only break few patterns, few samskaras, few engrams, but death helps you to brake all the possible patterns, all the possible karmas including  Agamya, Prarabtha and Sanchitha. Death can be great door to experience life existentially.

Most of the beings experience life only during death it is unfortunate, they are afraid of their own life’s peak existence. It is paradoxical, feelings which are supposed to be about life are afraid of the life which express itself intensely during death.

Death is only for things which can die in you. But you are deathless. If you are worried about death, you always associate with objects which can die. Objects which can die is not you, neither part of you nor existential you, it is just added to you.

Kala Bhairava when he uses this body, he knows very clearly he is suing this body, this  brain, this system to relate with the Universe with the human beings. The moment he finishes the job of relating, he does not identify, possess  associate, own, be one with the body or brain. When you do not own posses, feel one with the body you are carrying , you will have body and brain and not mind. Mind is the pollution created when you handle the body and brain. Beings having only the body and brain, not mind are pure beings not afraid of them as they understand that they are deathless.

It is the mind creates the association, possession, ownership and creates the idea of death.

As far as the Akashik records either get into the death and realize every moment birth and death is happening, then you will be free from birth and death, or go to the peak and realize the whole life is a long stretch of pure life, there is no death or birth ever happening, if you realize both the extremes or any one extreme you will be  free from death. You will be free from  the fear of death, misunderstanding of death.

*sincere thanks to Rajagopala Moorthy Ayya and Ma Sugandhi for the notes.

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Nirvikalpa Samadhi and Sahaja Samadhi


Dear reader, before you start reading this article, you may want to read this article first: The Eight Limbs of Yoga


Nirvikalpa Samadhi:

With this union with Universe consciousness, the soul now knows itself not through the mind, but through itself. The soul is now beyond mind. He experiences Being Universe consciousness all the time through his intuition. This self-knowledge of the soul is Self-realisation, which does not come and go. It is permanent. He is enlightened forever. He has at last broken the veil of ignorance—Maya is finally defeated. There are now no limits! This state of God-consciousness/Universe consciousness is infinite and characterised by understanding, love and happiness. He has entered Eternity!

Now there are no more thoughts or ideas. There is only peace and bliss. The knower and the known (soul or atman) have become one. This divine bliss is all pervading. This is the highest samadhi and can be achieved only after self- realisation (identified with the soul). The yogin has merged with Reality or his soul and is completely unaware of the external world. The mind is immersed into the light of the Self. It is compared to a flame that burns quiet and steady, unaffected by the external breeze. With or without the help of a perfect master, the sadhak has entered spontaneously into Nirvikalpa, after experiencing Nirvana. He can achieve that only after he has relinquished his sanskaric ties and worldly interests. He has already given up all his worldly fetters. There are now no obstacles to overcome or objects to achieve and therefore no effort is needed. The transition is very spontaneous. His individual mind has been annihilated and his consciousness has now merged with the Absolute. He has attained final emancipation through breaking the veils of Maya. He is now a Siddha (God-realised being/Universe consciousness) himself. However, once he comes out of this Nirvikalpa State, the movement of the body, his perceptions including sight and sound, and the arising of the mind will bring him back to the phenomenal world. This Nirvikalpa Samadhi State is said to have a limit of 21 days, but actually there is no time limit. After returning to normal consciousness he has to relearn the ways of the world again. At first, the Siddha forgets his name and age, after returning to normal consciousness. He really does not want to come back to the world at all. But some are given the grace to come back—primarily to teach or to lead.

When the kundalini reaches the seventh or crown chakra, we experience the third member of the Trinity – God the Father or Brahman – often as a light transcending creation. This experience is known as Kevalya Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Brahmajnana [God Realization], samadhi without form. It  brings with it a temporary heart opening after which the heart closes again. Kevala Nirvikalpa [Samadhi], which is temporary, while the Samadhi lasts.

In Kevalya, the heart (the hridayam or spiritual heart, rather than the heart chakra) opens temporarily but in Sahaja (see bellow) the heart opens permanently.

[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam [wisdom] as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point, which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [Samadhi], it opens but shuts again after it.

[The hole called the Heart as a small as a pinpoint] is always shut, being the knot of ignorance which ties the body to consciousness.

When the mind drops in the temporary Kevala Nirvikalpa it opens but shuts again. In Sahaja it remains always open.

In Kevala Nirvikalpa Samadhi one is not free from vasanas and does not, therefore, attain Mukti.

Only after the samskaras have been destroyed can one attain salvation. Even though one practices Kevala Nirvikalpa Samadhi for years together, if one has not rooted out the vasanas, he will not attain salvation.

Kevalya can be compared to a glimpse of the Self, whereas Sahaja is a permanent and natural state of Self-Realization.

By repeated practice one can become accustomed to turning inwards and finding the Self. One must always and constantly make an effort, until one has permanently realized. Once the effort ceases, the state becomes natural and the Supreme takes possession of the person with an unbroken current. Until it has become permanently natural and your habitual state, know that you have not realized the Self, only glimpsed it.

When the Self is glimpsed in Kevalya, it is a prelude to [Self-Realization]: when it becomes permanent Sahaja, it is Self-Realization, Liberation.

– Sri Ramana Maharsi

Sahaja (Nirvikalpa) Samadhi:

This is the highest consciousness. It is divinity in action and is experienced only by the Sadguru. It is preceded by Nirvana and Nirvikalpa Samadhi. This state is beyond mind as consciousness is entirely withdrawn from physical forms, subtle forms and the formless realms. There is no thought except the ‘I am’ consciousness. He is already in the Ultimate State of Consciousness all the time. And yet the yogin is still working in the gross physical world at the same time. He uses the body, emotions and mind as instruments, but there is no identification with them. Throughout his waking hours he is a Siddha in Nirvikalpa Samadhi.  He has transcended the three instruments and is totally absorbed in Universe consciousness. He is in Nirvana and the experience of the world leaves him uninvolved. He is now God-conscious/Universe consciousness and has no individuality. When in this state of Nirvana he is experiencing unlimited individuality. The yogin has already realised his soul and is with Reality throughout the remainder of his life. He is able to use his body-mind organism in the worldly activities. Externally, he is like any ordinary man, but internally, he is with the Absolute. The thinking mind is dead and he is immersed into the Self throughout. It is now only impersonal Consciousness that is acting out the remaining portion of his life. It is like a river discharging into the ocean and its identity is lost. He remains in this state of bliss and happiness without effort. He only uses the working (not the thinking) mind. Out of the not too many Siddhas, very, very few of them may descend down from the 7th plane of consciousness after achieving Sahaja Samadhi. These very few Sadgurus become Avatars. Here they live a life of Universe consciousness and experience God/Universe consciousness everywhere. The small and menial jobs that they perform are never too little for them.

The Sahaja Nirvikalpa [Samadhi] is permanent and in it lies liberation from rebirths.

In Kevalya, the heart (the hridayam or spiritual heart, rather than the heart chakra) opens temporarily but in Sahaja the heart opens permanently.

When Sahaja [Nirvikalpa Samadhi] is attained it opens for good.

When the mind drops in the temporary Kevala Nirvikalpa it opens but shuts again. In Sahaja it remains always open.

Some vasanas remain even after Sahaja and Mukti, but these are vasanas of enjoyment rather than of bondage. The sage having attained Sahaja enjoys these without attachment and so is not bound by them.

Vasanas which do not obstruct Self-Realization remain [after Self-Realization]. In Yoga Vasistha two classes of vasanas are distinguished: those of enjoyment and those of bondage. The former remain even after Mukti is attained, but the latter are destroyed by it. Attachment is the cause of binding vasanas, but enjoyment without attachment does not bind and continues even in Sahaja.

The general problem the spiritual seekers face is that “all the age long vasanas (impressions) carry the mind outwards and turn it to external objects. But he alone is ‘liberated while alive’ (jivan mukta) whose wisdom is firm.

The state in which awareness is firm and one-pointed, even when objects are sensed,  is called Sahaja sthiti or Sahaja Samadhi.

Kevalya can be compared to a glimpse of the Self, whereas Sahaja is a permanent and natural state of Self-Realization.

When the Self is glimpsed in Kevalya, it is a prelude to [Self-Realization]: when it becomes permanent Sahaja, it is Self-Realization, Liberation.

– Sri Ramana Maharshi

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PRANA – Part 6

#6: Joining Kundalini with the crown chakra: After the upward journey of Kundalini, coursing through the Sushumna channel and the chakras along the way (section #5), it is finally brought to the crown chakra, Sahasrara. This union is the Realization of the Absolute, and is the meaning of Yoga.

It usually comes in bursts: There are stories of some person suddenly having an instant awakening and complete transformation, reaching the absolute height of spiritual realization, and having all of their latent impressions (samskaras) that drive karma removed. While this might be theoretically possible for anyone, it is much more common that the awakening and realization of union comes in small parts, much like sparks compared to a lightning bolt. Such bursts can be extremely insightful, peaceful, and motivating. In such moments there may come a flash of insight about some aspect of reality, philosophy, or divinity. Previous issues or questions might become resolved in a moment. In any case, such experiences inspire one to gently continue on the path.

Fear may come: Experiences, even those flash-like glimpses, might come as a complete surprise, in moments when least expected. Often such experiences show us, in one way or another, that the reality of the world and ourselves is not the way it appears in the external way. While the experience may be very peaceful and inspiring, it is also common for there to be a wave of fear. It is a natural part of the process, and is a reaction to the fear of death. It is not that death is immanently coming to the physical person, though some old ideas or impressions might be releasing.

Preparation is imperative: To repeat from earlier, it is easy to read the descriptions in the books about Kundalini Awakening and the union of Shiva and Shakti, and to want to have this immediately. This seems to be a natural desire, that is useful if properly channeled into the motivation to do the practices. However, it is imperative that one be prepared for the energy that may be released in such an experience. If one is not ready, it can be like putting too much electricity through a small wire or fuse, and that is not useful in the long rung. It is far better to be prepared, to make the body a healthy vehicle, the breath a balanced channel of energy, and the mind an intellectually and emotionally stable conduit for the experience. This involves diet, exercise, and cleansing practices, including systematic introspection and the various breathing practices.

Balanced Ida and Pingala is a key: As was already mentioned in section #2 and section #3, balancing Ida and Pingala, and having Prana flow in Sushumna are extremely important preparations, that also bring their own benefits of inner peace. The value of gaining mastery in the breathing practices that support this centralized flow of Prana cannot be overemphasized.

There is no longer an unconscious: Once the Kundalini Shakti attains the state of union with the pure consciousness at the sahasrara, there is no longer any unconscious during that time. There is no longer a latent aspect, as full illumination has come, eliminating this polarization of active and latent. Awareness of the body and the external world is withdrawn into the highest samadhi.

Body is in mind; mind is not in body: One comes to see in experience the truth that all of the body is in the mind, but that not all of the mind is in the body, as it usually seems. To the external view of other people, the body of one in this heightened state of union may appear to be dead. It may be cold to the touch, and there may be no perceptible vital signs, such as a pulse. The body continues to function so that it might be used again after the individuality returns.

Involution and evolution: The process towards realizing and abiding in pure consciousness is one of evolution. The involution of consciousness into the human being is conceptualized as being a process of the creative energy of Shakti condensing further and further into solid form, and falling asleep at the first chakra, at the perineum near the base of the spine. The process of Kundalini Awakening reverses this involution until the full potential of the human is realized in the return to the pure consciousness.

Pushing or pulling the Kundalini: With the goal being the merging of Shiva and Shakti, the latent with the creative, there are two general approaches. Most of the work with Kundalini Awakening, both the preparation and the awakening itself, are done from the lower chakras. The process is one of awakening and pushing the energy upwards in one way or another. A more direct approach for those who are prepared is to pull the energy upward by working directly with the chakras between ajna chakra (eyebrow center), and the subtler chakras between there and the sahasrara (the crown chakra).

Tantra and sahasrara chakra: Of the three paths of Tantra, which are Kaula, Mishra, and Samaya Tantra, the path of Samaya Tantra and Sri Vidya emphasizes meditation in the Sahasrara chakra. It is the highest of the paths of Tantra and Yoga meditation. (See also Yoga Sutras and Six Schools of Indian Philosophy)

Between ajna and sahasrara: From the ajna chakra at the eyebrow center, the journey is up the brahma nadi, an extension of the Sushumna channel. This may be first experienced in the dark field of mind as a black object, lingam, circle, or tunnel entrance. Along the journey to the sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head (also known as the thousand-petalled lotus or brahmarandra), there are other chakras, bindus (points), and levels of consciousness that are encountered and transcended. To go through these levels (called piercing the bindu) can seem like explosions or crashing through walls. If awareness does not stop at one of these points along the way, it comes to the union of the individual and the Absolute.

Beyond the chakras: While the chakras are studied and explored in the earlier stages, there comes a point where the student comes to know the science beyond the chakras. This learning is given in complete stillness and silence, subtler than all of the sounds and forms related to the chakras. This knowledge is not available in any book or school, and can happen wherever the aspirant is physically located, whether close or far from any geographical location in the world or physical teacher. Some schools of meditation say that the student should study the chakras in depth. Others say that this is a waste of one’s life, and that it is better to know the chakras only well enough that you recognize them when their features flash in awareness, devoting your energies to the teachings and realities beyond, seeking the greater knowledge called mahavidya.

Guru chakra: Beyond the first six chakras, between there and the crown chakra, many other chakras, levels, or layers of reality are experienced. For the aspirant who is willing to do so, the guru chakra is used to purify the mind and to bring down spiritual truths. “Gu” means darkness and “ru” means light. Guru is the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Guru is not any person, although guru may operate through a person. Guru is actually the higher knowledge itself. Guru chakra is the doorway to that knowledge, to the wisdom and guidance of the teacher within. The sixth chakra, at the eyebrow center, is called ajna chakra, which includes “a” and “jna”, which means the center without knowledge or with little knowledge (“a” is without and “jna” is knowledge). Guru chakra is experienced in the forehead, and is also called jnana chakra, or the center with knowledge. The knowledge of ajna is lower knowledge, while the knowledge of jnana is higher knowledge. The yogi invites all of the thoughts and samskaras to arise in the mind field of ajna chakra and offers them into the higher knowledge, the triangular shaped fire of guru or jnana chakra (Ajna and guru chakras are also called drikuti and trikuti respectively). From that process the pathway is cleared, and higher wisdom and teachings come down to the ajna. Eventually, awareness itself travels upward, receding through and beyond, to That which is the final abode, the Absolute, the union of Shiva and Shakti.
Tripura: Tri means three, and pura means city. Tripura is the consciousness that operates in the three cities of Waking, Dreaming, and Deep Sleep, as well as the Conscious, Unconscious, and Subconscious aspects of mind. Sometimes conceptualized as the divine feminine (Shakti), compared to the divine masculine (Shiva), she permeates the three cities of the Gross world, the Subtle plane, and the Causal reality. Tripura also permeates the many other trinities such as the beingness inherent in past, present and future. This is a Tantric rendering of the three levels of consciousness mapped out by the OM Mantra symbol, and its levels of Vaishvanara, Taijasa, and Prajna. Dedication, devotion, love, and surrender into this creative source or divine Mother is one of the finest aspects of Tantra as a direct route to Realization. Some conceptualize Tripura as an anthropomorphic deity, while the subtler practices are directed towards Tripura as formless, that fourth state beyond the other three cities. The Bindu of Sri Yantra is the symbol of this highest transcendent Reality. The quality of the three cities is an aspect of OM Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.
Shaktipata : When all of the other practices have been done, and the final barrier is encountered, that may be removed by the force or grace of Shaktipata, which means the bestowing of Shakti. It is given through the gift of consciousness called grace (kripa) or guru, whereby a transference of energy happens, somewhat like a magnet affects some metal objects. The experience of Shaktipat is consciously experienced in an intense way. It may come in a single, large burst, though more often it comes in smaller experiences along the way, with each adding insight, as well as impetus and inspiration for further treading of the path. It may come through the physical vehicle of a person or by transmission at a separate time and place, independent of the presence of any person.
Sat chit ananda: The realization of the true Self is best described as indescribable. However, for convenience sake it is sometimes described as being the nature of sat, chit, and ananda. Sat means existence itself. Chit means consciousness. Ananda means bliss.
Cosmic consciousness: Richard Bucke describes the direct experience of the whole of consciousness in his 1901 book, Cosmic Consciousness. It is a description of attaining subtle realm experience, and the “conception” of the whole of the universe. This is coming close to the realization of the union itself with the whole, though still somewhat short of that realization.
“Like a flash there is presented to his consciousness a clear conception (a vision) in outline of the meaning and drift of the universe. He does not come to believe merely; but he sees and knows that the cosmos, which to the Self Conscious mind seems made up of dead matter, is in fact far otherwise – is in very truth a living presence. He sees that instead of men being, as it were, patches of life scattered through an infinite sea of nonliving substance, they are in reality specks of relative death in an infinite ocean of life. He sees that the life which is within man is eternal; that the soul of man is as immortal as God is; that the universe is so built and ordered that without any pre-adventure all things work together for the good of each and all; that the foundation principle for the world is what we call love, and that the happiness of every individual is in the long run absolutely certain. The person who passes through this experience will learn in a few minutes, or even moments, of its continuance more than in months and years of study, and he will learn much that no study ever taught or can teach. Especially does he obtain such a conception of the whole, or least of an immense whole, as dwarfs all conception, imagination, or speculation, springing from or belonging to ordinary Self Consciousness, such a conception as makes the old attempts to mentally grasp the universe and its meaning petty and even ridiculous.”
The student rejoices: In the text, Vivekachudamini (The Crest Jewel of Discrimination), Adi Shankaracharya relates a symbolic story of the interaction between a teacher and a student. Shankara writes of the final joy of realization of the Absolute, where the student cries out:
“The ego has disappeared. I have realized my identity with Brahman [the word for the absolute reality] and so all my desires have melted away. I have risen above my ignorance and my knowledge of this seeming universe. What is this joy that I feel? Who shall measure it? I know nothing but joy, limitless, unbounded!
“The ocean of Brahman is full of nectar–the joy of the Atman [the individual Self]. The treasure I have found there cannot be described in words. The mind cannot conceive of it. My mind fell like a hailstone into that vast expanse of Brahman’s ocean. Touching one drop of it, I melted away and became one with Brahman. And now, though I return to human consciousness, I abide in the joy of the Atman.
“Where is this universe? Who took it away? Has it merged into something else? A while ago, I beheld it–now it exists no longer. This is wonderful indeed!
“Here is the ocean of Brahman, full of endless joy. How can I accept or reject anything? Is there anything apart or distinct from Brahman?
“Now, finally and clearly, I know that I am the Atman, whose nature is eternal joy. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing that is separate from me.”
OM, shanti, shanti, shanti
OM, peace, peace, peace
Words by Advait
With love and respect,